"I don't know."

Today, I realized that some of my friends are afraid to say "I don't know," as if saying so makes them stupid. Instead, when you ask them something, they answer back with a question, which then someone answers with something else, and then you're just left staring at them thinking "what just happened?" Sometimes, I just want to shake them and shout at them "IT'S OKAY IF YOU DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING!!!!" No one has to pretend like they do, because that should be exhausting. It seems to me like they want to impress people, which stupid, because I think that the people worth impressing don't need your impressing. If that makes any sense.

I, for one, am not afraid to say "I don't know," that when people ask me something and I do actually know but don't want to be bothered, I reply with it. Sorry. But seriously, it does not make you stupid. It just makes you someone who doesn't know one thing. 

I'm just tired of people who care more about what people think of them than caring about what they really are.


BookCupid said...

Socrates was right, the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.

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