prompt: the movie 'flipped' and some guy

If this was a year ago, you would have sat next to me during Trig. You would have asked me what time it is already, and complained how time seems to slow down to a crawl during this class. You would have already started a one-sided conversation with me about the last book you read which is supposed to be 'so awesome.' You would have already asked me about the book I'm reading, and if maybe you could borrow it after pretty please, I'll return it plastic covered. I would have told you no, buy your own copy. You would have started on another topic, like how books are so expensive, it's insane. I would have agreed. You would have asked me if I was doing anything on Friday night, and I, as usual, would have told you I would be reading. You would have said Cool, me too. And then before you can start on another topic, I would have shushed you, told you to listen to the lesson because we have a major quiz tomorrow. And then you would be quiet. 

But this is a year after. And I glance at you from afar in Calculus, because you're all the way down the end of the room, as far away as possible, maybe striking up a conversation with whoever is sitting next to you that day, because that's just how you are. You're friendly and nice and I'm sorry I didn't see that before.


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