running the red

prompt: all too well - taylor swift (GOD THIS SONG IS STUCK IN MY HEAD LIKE WTH GET OUT)

"Cause there we are again on that little town street
You almost ran the red 'cause you were looking over me
Wind in my hair, I was there, I remember it all too well."

The sound of tires screeching against the pavement of the road broke the silence of the autumn night. She jumped and turned around to see an old familiar Ford braking just before the green light turned red. The driver could have just beat the red and one notice. This part of the town was deserted during this time of the night. Frankly, she didn't even know what she was doing there. Her feet had a mind of their own. Maybe they had missed walking on this town. It had been 3 years, after all.

She started to walk but she saw something that made her stop in her tracks. Or rather, someone.


He would recognize that red hair anytime and anywhere. It was unmistakable. It was her. Even in the pale light of the street lamp, he knew it was her. What was she doing here? She was supposed to be ... away. She had left 3 years ago. He could still remember it, even though he'd tried so hard to forget. He could remember every little detail of that day she told him she was going, her green eyes that sparkled with tears, the yellowing white dress she loved that she wore, her flaming red hair.

Of course it was her.

He turned his eyes to the road again only to see the traffic light in front of him turning red. He hit the brakes immediately, and his old tires made a screeching sound that hurt his ears every time.

She turned around. Even though he didn't even need further confirmation, he proved to himself that even after three years, he still wasn't over her.

In that moment when their eyes met, every significant moment in their relationship which she thought she had completely erased out of her system came flooding back to her. Their first date, their first dance at prom, their first kiss. The memories were too clear. She remembered them all too well. Especially that day she left him. She could still remember the pain in his blue eyes, the red that colored his cheeks, his furrowed brows. The way he asked her to stay.

It was all it took. Just one look and she was back to three years ago.


He managed to smile at her, although every part of his body wanted to jump out of his car and run to her, hug her, kiss her. But his heart stopped him. It was pride, he thought. And he had too much of it to do what he wanted badly to do.


The smile she thought she would never see again, it was suddenly right in front of her. But why did it make her heart feel as if it was being torn apart right in the middle? Why did she feel a lump form in her throat? Why had she gotten the urge to cry?

But she forced herself to smile back. Because he was happy, finally. He was fine now. He deserved to be. She even managed  to wave at him.


He was the first to look away, but only because he looked at the traffic light. Green.

Maybe it was time to go.



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